Guess you don’t have to go out…

Photography by Christine Day Lorico

Are you enjoying East Of Bowery? Pretty amazing, eh? What about that new song & video from M. Ward? I know, beautiful isn’t it? Can’t wait for that album…. But we can’t live for things that aren’t here yet, can we? We need to live in the now, well, the now with a foot planted in the then and an ear with a smidgen of peripheral vision paying attention to what’s coming.

And what is now, what is in my ears, making it’s presence known, with an intensity and urgency reminiscent of TSURURADIO faves Bodies Of Water, is Bruce Peninsula. No, no… not the Ontario peninsula, though after looking at some photos, it looks absolutely stunning and I now want to go there, but no, I’m talking about Bruce Peninsula, the band and their debut 2009 LP, A Mountain Is A Mouth.

Maybe it should’ve been titled “A Mountain From A Mouthful”, because that’s what you are getting, over 10 people singing, or maybe shouting, old choir revival-style choruses highlighting (no… more like spray-painting with super neon yellow) gorgeously built melodies. Yeah, they may sound like they hired Bodies Of Water to be part of their choir, but beyond that, Bruce Peninsula is like nothing I think I’ve heard. The music is understated, the vocals are overstated, and an equilibrium is created that somehow, somehow works.

Yeah, good times…. Enjoy!

Bruce Peninsula – 01 Inside, Outside

Guess you don’t have to go out
if you really don’t wanna
Go out..
Well you could use a walk
and lift those shoulders too…

Bruce Peninsula – 02 Steamroller
Bruce Peninsula – 03 2nd 4th World War
Bruce Peninsula – 04 Satisfied

Go show Bruce Peninsula all your love here, here, & here now…

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