Camembert, avec moi, baguette! OUI!

Photography by Karina Pumpkin

It must be pretty nice to be a French Canadian. You get all the benefits of being Canadian (health care, a government that supports the arts, maple syrup flowing out the taps) AND you get to be as much of a cool, quasi-European, French dude as you want to be, which entitles you to do whatever flips your willy, even dress like the biggest American idiot, and still be hip.

Normally though, for our beloved French Canuck bands, any tendencies they may have to “Francophone it in” needs to take a backseat to singing in English. Instead, the language of their overseas brethren is relegated to small talking bits or little mini-songs, etc in the album, serving, more than anything, as a reminder to the listener that, hey, even though you can “sing along” to 90% of this album, we are MUCH cooler than you…. you stupid Americans! But not Malajube! Oh no no! Indie’s favourite Francophones keep their berets on tight and keeps it reals (dawg) with their latest gem Labyrinthes.

What you expect is what you get, often fun, often catchy, occasionally sprawling, and always melodic rock, plain and simple…. and sometimes, that’s all you want and/or need. You got a bit o’ synth, a bunch o’ guitar, a bunch of incomprehensible lyrics (might as well be singing in Sigur Ros language), and tons of good times. But don’t get me wrong, they aren’t just about the in-and-out 3 minute song, as the lead off “Ursuline” demonstrates. They show they can tell a story via melody (lyrics too, I’m sure, but I’ll need my baby’s help, she’s the Canuck, I’m still in the beginner stages) yet maintain their Malajujuness, if you will, that we all came to love in some commercial a year or so ago.

Man, I’m a bit hyper. I’m taking a half-day from work, and it’s about time to skee-daddle. Tomorrow, we’ll be busy prepping for baby’s Greencard party (that’s right, now she’s just like Guam & Puerto Rico, only sexier) so I can’t promise a vinyl rip. BUT, hopefully, come Sunday, Cranes Day, I’ll have a little something special for you.

Until then… Enjoy!

Malajube – 01 Ursuline
Malajube Р02 Port̩ disparu
Malajube – 03 Luna

French lyrics
French lyrics
and more French lyrics…

Go show these dirty separatists all your love here, here, and here now…

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