All we want, baby, is everything…

Photography by Sandra Keplinger

Well, as you know by now (unless you STILL have your head up Animal Collective’s ass, good album and all, but come on), Face Control by Canada’s sexiest musical couple (baby & I are super hawt and adorable yes, but, sadly, I don’t have my Canuck citizenship… yet), Handsome Furs leaked out Friday night. Oh man oh man was I excited! Plague Park was my number three (and sometimes, in my mind, number two & one, depending on the day) on my best of 07 list. Their late night aesthetic methodically beat their way into my heart & ears, occupying many listening hours….

You see, I’m of the feeling (and probably in the minority on this one) that the solo efforts of the Wolf Parade gang, et all, is better than the sum of their parts. Handsome Furs & Sunset Rubdown are, in my humble opine (for what it’s worth, which may be completely inaccurate), the true vision of each artist. You can hear it, see it, and taste it in every song. Yes, Wolf Parade is amazing and is probably the reason they are able to successfully be Handsome Furs & Sunset Rubdown, but for me, Wolf Parade is becoming the “supergroup” of 4 amazing & talented artists vs. Furs & SunRub being the solo efforts of the band. Does that make sense?

If this is offensive & wrong to Dan, Alexei, Spencer, etc, (big fans of Tsururadio, at least, I can assume, right?) then I sincerely apologize, but it’s what I hear when I listen to your records, or when I see you live, it’s that little bit extra, that slight hint of quantum mystery goo that tells me so….

But who cares, right? It’s an opinion of some aspiring Canadian down in Columbus (Ohio), what’s really important is the music, always the music, and Face Control (oh god, I hate using this next word, but it’s what came in my head) delivers (Oof)!

Dan & sexy wife Alexei retain the cold steady late-night beat & aesthetic with his loud, distorted, yet fragile guitars and her magic box (get your head out of the gutter) of beats, blips, and sounds, but instead of flooding your senses with the color & sensation of fluorescent lights, it’s a little earlier in the night, it’s a bit more frenetic, we aren’t worn out yet, in fact the night is only beginning, as we try to get in this club or that, hang out in that one bar, declare it shit, laugh at all the hipsters, then head out to the next one. It’s almost fun & romantic, it’s me & my baby in the back of a shitty car with a group of people, some we know, some we don’t, running around the city until the sunrises and we finally collapse….

Imagery, always the imagery with these guys…

Okay, I know Sub Pop wasn’t going to release an official single until the end of the month, so we’ll just do the one song today, the one I think the single is or maybe should be? Regardless, I love this fucking song (hope I got the lyrics right)…


Handsome Furs – All We Want, Baby, Is Everything

Heaven was a place
we built out of stone
Just like a fever
Crushin’ bone

And though it pains me
to treat you unkind
but god is great
love is blind

All we want, baby, is everything!
All we want, baby, is everything!

And, just to show you how amazing this duet is, a couple tracks from their spectacular debut…

Handsome Furs – What We Had
Handsome Furs – Handsome Furs Hate This City

Amazing, eh? Yeah….. Now go show Alexei & Dan all your love (financially) here, here, and here now…

Edit – Oh, and here’s one of those kinda impromptu, kinda staged “Take Away” videos of “Radio’s Hot Sun”. Really beautiful:

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