We were looking at the bay…

Oilgraph on Wooden Panel by Christine Day Lorico

I’m not much a fan of EPs… I like albums, full, fleshed out albums, thought out, tracked out, where every song has a reason and a purpose for being there and for being where it’s at on the album. But even I was not able to resist the lure of Bon Iver’s tour-only-for-now EP that made it’s way on the interwebbings (and probably many web logs), Blood Bank. The impact his full album made me eager & curious see if this was an “EP” or more of an addendum or what. Well, it’s just an EP, but I shan’t complain, as it’s four absolutely beautiful songs. Of course, he could probably sing a death metal song and make it pretty.

You listening Bon Iver? Death metal cover album in ’09…

Where was I? Oh yeah. Given it’s an EP and not an album, instead of doing the first few tracks to wet your tongue, I’m gonna blog it old skewl styles and just share the two standouts, as they sound different to me, like he’s experimenting a smidge with his sound, the result is a Fleetwood Maccy-type song “Blood Bank”, dark, quiet, but driving, chilly & cloudy music. You can almost feel the cold air coming off the bay right through your wool twill coat. Then on the other side of the spectrum is “Woods”, so pretty, but it’s got this autotune self-harmonizing thingy going on, a simple lyric repeat thing that builds and builds… Simple yet lovely, though, to be honest, the 90’s Cher thing vocal modulator whatever effect is a little tough to swallow for the first few listens (especially after that Kanye crap that was circulating the internet recently, ugh)!

Anyway…. this week is finally coming to a close (finally, finally, did I mention finally?), and our man Bon Iver’s gonna close it out for us. Got some records I need to rip, got some mixtapes I’m working on (including a very exciting new Society Mixtape Poject), so, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you over the weekend! Until then….

Bon Iver – 01 Blood Bank

Well I met you at the blood bank
We were looking at the bay
wondering if any other colours
match any of the names we knew on the tags…

Bon Iver – 04 Woods

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