TSURURADIO Presents… Velvet Underground on Vinyl!!!

Photography by KertenlEda Çakmak

Well, I hope you enjoyed our year end wrap up and count down! Don’t forget, we aren’t done with 2008 yet, as we still have the Society’s best of 2008 with accompanying mixtape coming up soon! It’s not too late to get your list in and be part of the fun…. WOOP! Hurry up though, as we need to wrap it up soon because 2009 is already starting to steal my attention as we’ve seen Andrew Bird AND A.C. Newman’s albums leak out (fuck yeah)! Both are deliciously nutritious, but we’ll talk more on those in a different post. For now, we need to dip back about 30 years to one of the most influential bands (some say, THE most influential band, I though I’m not sure about that title, I will say they are probably the most influential band for a significant chunk of the music I listen to) ever, Velvet Underground and their self-titled third album and, personally, my favourite!

Yeah, yeah, I know the Banana Nico album is their most iconic and recognized blah blah blah (uh, wow, though, I kinda want this, but if you see someone wearing this, just put them down, it’s for their own good, and the society’s), but how often have you known me to follow the herd? I love how this album starts off with the anti-climatic “Candy Says”, so mellow, so quiet, so simple, it sets the tone for the entire album, let’s you know this one’s a little different. Also, think of the classics on this album, “Pale Blue Eyes”, “What Goes On”, & “Beginning To See The Light”, just perfect songs…

Add on to that a dreary rainy chilly Monday morning after a surprisingly short weekend, and well, you’ve got yourself a perfect soundtrack to start the week. So, have a nice Monday, here’s to a (hopefully) quick and painless week, and enjoy as…

TSURURADIO Presents… Velvet Underground on Vinyl!!!

(Full Zip)

Side One

1. Candy Says
2. What Goes On
3. Some Kinda Love
4. Pale Blue Eyes
5. Jesus

Side Two

1. Beginning To See The Light
2. I’m Set Free
3. That’s The Story Of My Life
4. The Murder Mystery
5. Afterhours

Go show VU all your love here and here now!

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