TSURURADIO Presents… Post-War on Vinyl!!!

Photography by Andrea

Down in the society we are all pretty excited, one might even say “über-excited” with extra emphasis on the ü, with the upcoming M. Ward album called Hold Time featuring the newly engaged Zooey (her transformation to “indie queen” nearly complete) and even a little Lucinda Williams. You just know it’s going to be über-awesome, über-eh? Okay…. no more umlauts. Actually, come to think of it, why doesn’t the word umlaut have an umlaut? Shouldn’t it be ümlaut? Or is that then “Oom-laut”?

Anyways, it’s new years eve, which is significant because it means more time off of work (which explains the ADD)! They could call it Tsuru’s A Jackass Day, and if it gave me the day off, that’d be just fine. I mean, what is New Years but just another day on a man-made calendar. At least Chinese New Year is built on the moon phases and not some dead Roman dude or whatever our calendar is built on. You know they screwed up when you have Februrary and the occasional leap year to make it all even.

Well, that’s neither here nor there, but being home is a wonderful excuse to work on our next vinyl rip, donchathink? And the upcoming release is an even better excuse to choose to spin Ward’s incredible and newly acquired 2006 LP, Post-War

Two things…. First, the album. Though there’s not much that needs to be said that’s probably in a thousand reviews, but with Post-War, Ward has simply crafted truly timeless songs (as timeless as an old polaroid photo), that are full, fleshed-out, gorgeous, and romantic, taking you somewhere else, but no one place in particular. It’s become a classic in it’s short life, maybe not in the “music world” yet, but in our home for sure.

Second is the experiment we are going to conduct today in “how” we present vinyl rips. We are going to forgo the full zip and every song is an mp3 inleiu of something more authentic and accurate. You see, as I’ve explained a few times before, when asked that favourite question of every 3 year old, “why?”, why do we do vinyl rips (and why not in flac form, that one usually from the audio “philes”) of albums that often, you can get anywhere? The short answer is (besides the general “love of vinyl and it’s unique sound” response) is we are sharing an experience, you are hearing what I am hearing, from the needle drop on side A until we lift it up again at the end of the record. Vinyl is an interactive listening experience, you can’t just put a record on, go walk away and forget about it, you need to clean it, play a side, flip it, clean it again, play the next side, then carefully put the record away in it’s sleeve, in it’s home, and we try to share that experience as best we can in a format that is easily, well, “sharable”, i.e., the mp3.

This way, when you, our dear readers, load up the mp3 on your ipod or in your car, you aren’t just listening to a song, you are listening to what I listened to, recorded, and posted. Does that make any sense? I hope so…. but, in trying to improve and more accurately represent the vinyl listening experience, we, as I said, are going to try something new…. we are going to post each side as it’s own mp3, that’s it, no zips, no broken up sides, just a mp3 for each side. This was a suggestion of vinyl ripping VIP gud, down in the society, and after thinking about it for a few weeks, I came to agree. You see, when you listen to a record, you don’t listen to one track at a time, you listen to one side at a time, right? So, instead of cutting up a record and throwing out a bunch of mp3s, let’s present the music as it was presented to us!

What do you think? Awesome? Stupid? A little bit from column A and a little bit from column B? Well, regardless, you know I’m restless and always willing to give new things a go, so give it a try, let us know what you think, but most important, listen to this album, love this album, it really is beautiful.

Happy new year everyone, have fun getting liquored up & whooping it up tonight. We’ve got lots more music coming at you in 2009, so until then, enjoy as….

TSURURADIO Proudly Presents… Post-War on Vinyl!!!

Side A

1. Poison Cup
2. To Go Home
3. Right in the Head
4. Post-War
5. Requiem
6. Chinese Translation

Side B

1. Eyes on the Prize
2. Magic Trick
3. Neptune’s Net
4. Rollercoaster
5. Today’s Undertaking
6. Afterword / Rag

Just beautiful, eh? Lots more vinyl (and non-vinyl) down in the society, come on in (the water’s fine)! But first, go show Mr. Ward all your love here, here, and here now… And go pre-order Hold Time here!

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