I will build myself a home out of the cinders and the coast

Photography by Loulaa

Well color me folktronic… What a shitty day, shitty shitty. Back from our wonderfully relaxing mini vacation down in Tampa with the family, only to have real life smack me right up side the head.

Hey Jesus & Buddha…. Thanks.

Well, the 24 hours of shit seem to be winding down as we come home from work to find our neighbors, quite probably the worse neighbors I ever had, are moving out. We still have no running water (long story), but when I go upstairs for a bit of music therapy by working on a special mixtape for a friend (to be shared later, I promise), good friend and incredible society member grafista was hooking us up with something new, fresh, and quite sweet, Meursault and their album Pissing On Bonfires / Kissing With Tongues! So, in between exporting, importing, labeling, etc, the mixtape I threw this bad boy on as it was the closest thing to my mouse and when a member recommends something, well… I listen.

Wow… Electronics and Scottish folk blended in some unholy beauty. Huh? Yeah, I know! Maybe it’s my music therapy mode, or maybe it’s the music deficiency I experienced on vacation (well, besides starting the mixtape and buying three amazing records), but this is fillin’ my needs quite nicely. Looking forward to many more hours on this one. Sorry so quick, but your boy Tsuru is pretty whooped and needs to get back to work on that mixtape. Probably the only thing keeping me sane tonight. Whee!

So enjoy! Lots to come later (of course)…

Meursault – 01 Salt, Pt. 1
Meursault – 02 Statues of Strangers
Meursault – 03 The Furnace
Meursault – 04 Pissing On Bonfires / Kissing With Tongues

I will build myself a home
out of the cinders and the coast

Go show Meursault all your love here and here now!!

The water… it will turn to salt.

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