Friends of Goodale Park…

So… I got featured in a calendar! My first one, the Friends Of Goodale Park 2008 Calendar! And not just one image, but three. I’m always surprised, my work, though liked by some people here and there, never seem to have a mainstream appeal. It’s a strange feeling to think that for 3 months of this year, someone will have my photos hanging in their kitchen or office or something. It’s a bit surreal. The photos featured are above.. the first is the bust on the Northwest corner entrance of the park. I saw that bust many times as I crossed the park from my apartment over to baby’s on many special evening. The next one was after the blizzard that hit us this past February. Once it calmed down, we went out for a little walk to see the Columbus winter wonderland. It was nice to see all the kids sledding down the little hill in the park. As a Floridian, I’m still mesmerized by snow…. I love to walk around, crunch it under my feet. After our walk, we made my first snow man, a pathetic little 3 footer. But I loved him. Finally was a little day photo hunt baby and I did called “Searching for Infrared”, where we went all around the city searching for fun places to shoot with my old digital camera with high infrared sensitivity and with (of course) my infrared filter. Really fun, really dramatic shots….

Good times. Anyways, thought I’d share.

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