Distorted No. 2…

This one goes way back a bit and I’m always thankful when my models are willing to be a little adventurous (see here)… I imagine asking some one to be lit up with some heat lamps while laying under a big sheet of glass while I spritz them & the glass with water or asking someone to get naked in a giant box in my basement to be a rather unusual request. Fortunately, people know I’m a bit of an eccentric and trust what’s in my head.

In this case, the result gave a very interesting blend of posed-photo & that of being voyeured, a distorted point of view, or is it? When we are being spied upon, when one has a voyeur, don’t we play the exhibitionist, even if it’s just subconsciously, just a little bit? Not sure… the brain is a weird thing. Or maybe it’s just mine.

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