And I feel this weight like a stone

Photography by aysegul t.

As work continues to kick my ass, I only become more and more grateful for the wonderful members of our little music brigade. Not only are their recommendations always spot on, but during times when I can’t even think straight, it’s nice to know I can load up something and just enjoy. This is the case with Society VIP Fulltext’s suggestion Pale Young Gentlemen and latest effort Black Forest (tra la la).

Normally, “lush” and Wisconsin aren’t used in the same sentence, at least not in my brain, but listening to Michael Reisenauer’s delivery (reminiscent of Andrew Bird, nice, eh?) accompanied by piano and strings, swaying along, carrying you from tune to tune, gently. Quite beautiful really.

Sigh… back to work.

Tra la la.

Pale Young Gentlemen – 01 Coal / Ivory

It’s was my birthday,
and I feel this weight like a stone…

Pale Young Gentlemen – 02 I Wasn’t Worried
Pale Young Gentlemen – 03 Marvelous Design
Pale Young Gentlemen – 04 Goldenface, Morninglight

I feel this weight like a stone, indeed. Go show Pale Young Gentlemen all your love here, here, and here now! Don’t worry, I’ll probably get to jibber jabber on more soon. Ebb and flow, highs and lows, all things go, all things change…

2 comments for “And I feel this weight like a stone

  1. Em
    December 6, 2008 at 10:16 PM

    Yay I’m glad you posted this band. Their music pretty much immediately catches my attention.

  2. Tsuru
    December 7, 2008 at 8:01 AM

    Wonderful, Em! How have you been?

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