Why I voted Socialist today and other ramblings….

Photography by Marlon Rand

It’s over…. it’s finally fucking over. I got my gnarly ass up and to my precinct thing at 6:10am and got in line. It was a little wait, but not too bad considering how long the line was. Of course, the line for my last name was the slowest, as two old ladies who probably also worked the Roosevelt elections ran my line. But whatever, I had patience to spare today, today was important, finally after 8 long years, things were going to change, regardless of who wins, the Bushes are about gone, the Clintons are about gone, the ads are actually gone (right?), the insane amount of mail in my mailbox should be about gone, the massive waste of fuel & energy with the candidates flying around from state to state over and over should be about gone, the Palin jokes will hopefully be gone (please, please, please be gone, if I never hear the word “Palin” or “maverick” again, I’ll be a happy happy man), yep, after today, no matter what happens, it’s over. I voted as early as I could, as many times as I could, and now I’m done.

Oh sure, there will be celebrations & concessions & million dollar shing-dings (what’s another million dollars, eh? it’s not like there’s an economic crisis going on) and there will be talking heads jibber-jabbering on about what went wrong for that team, what went right for the other, and yes, there will be a ridiculous amount of over-emphasizing the importance of the “historic” components of the campaign (those flapping heads want to keep getting paid somehow), but I won’t care. We’ll have made our bed and now we’ll be lying in it. Sure, I hope my guy wins, and I hope he follows through with a good portion of his promises, but if he doesn’t, well I can either deal with it or leave.

Actually, baby, come to think of it, can we go to Canada anyway?

Probably not (yet)….. Anywhooooo, speaking of Amorica and politics and what not, here’s a guy who’s built his whole career doing the “americana” thing, Ryan Adams and his latest, Cardinology. Pretty straight-forward faux-quasi-country, didn’t really get into it until today, but now it seems a bit apropo all things considered, eh? So what ya still readin’ fer? Just go load ‘er up, head on down to da polls, and get ‘er done, son. Then go home, sit back with a be’er and watch a bunch of people fill a bunch of dead space on TV while they wait for little numbers to trickle in….. Wooo doggy!

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – 01 Born Into A Light
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – 02 Go Easy
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – 03 Fix It

Here’s to a uneventful day & evening (no fraud, no fires, no drama) with a very happy ending… If not, you can come to our commune up in Ontario.

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