TSURURADIO Vinyl Preservation Society Presents… Lanni’s Untitled Playlist Mixtape!!!

Photography by Lanni

Happy, happy Friday, my friends! As always, it can never get here soon enough, eh? Another busy, eventful, nutty nutty week to put in the books (finally). Got plans for the weekend? So do we! Got to make the most of that 2/7ths of a week… Baby’s gonna keep working and preparing for her big show. OH, speaking of, almost forgot… she’s part of the Columbus Etsy Team, a wonderfully talented group of etsy shop owners based here in Columbus (obviously), and I’d be remiss not to mention to my dear readers a contest they just started up where you can win $100 worth of gift certificates! With Xmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa coming up and with the economy in the crapper, what have you got to lose?

Here’s what ya gotta do…

1. Go here & join their mailing list.
2. Visit a participating artists’ shop.
3. Leave a comment here about your favorite items.

Check, done. From there, your name will be entered into a drawing to win over $100 in gift certificates to different team Columbus Etsy shops (including one for $10 at my baby’s shop). The winner will be chosen at random on November 30th! Pretty sweet, eh? I mean, look at this clutch (we did a little product photoshoot last weekend, came out cute, eh?):

Tell me you don’t know anyone who’d want that for a present? And I’d call ya a big fat liar.

Well, as for me, I’ll probably do the usual, rip some vinyl, work on some mixtapes, go for a bike ride, snuggle up with my baby, and eat, as these are my favourite things to do. Also, I’ll will be working on my next photoshoot, a dungeon/horror type theme, should be cool. But you know, even if my plans included absolutely nothing, that’d be just fine too. As the year’s wrapping up and work is getting more and more hectic, I need these weekends that much more…

I think it’s important to send this week off and start the weekend just right. What better way to do that than with a member mixtape? This one comes from our favourite pink-haired contributor Lanni and her perfectly titled mixtape, Untitled Playlist. I love this mixtape, it’s just outside my comfort zone, except for a few songs, which is great! I love it when a mixtape challenges me and forces me to step out of the occasional small box I put myself in, and with Lanni’s more electronica tendencies, this mix of recent mad-repeat obsessions does exactly that but not to the degree where I can’t listen to it & want to shift-delete it from my iPod. The result is a love & appreciation for a few artists that otherwise probably wouldn’t have made it to my listening queue. And there’s nothing I love more than finding new artists to love! WOOT!

So, thank you Lanni for yet another amazing Society member mixtape… We really do have the greatest little music brigade around (which you (yes… YOU) are more than welcome to be a part of). But for now, just grab, listen, and enjoy as the…

TSURURADIO Vinyl Preservation Society Presents… Lanni’s Untitled Playlist Mixtape!!!
(Full Zip)

1. I’m from Barcelona – The Painter
2. Fisherspooner – A Kick in the teeth
3. The Snake The Cross The Crown – The Great American Smokeout
4. MGMT – Time To Pretend
5. Deerhoof – Our Angel’s Ululu
6. Kill Paradise – Katie And I

7. Of Montreal – Know Your Onion! (The Shins Cover)
8. The Wombats – Let’s Dance To Joy Division
9. The Flaming Lips – Tangerine
10. Dispatch – The General
11. The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1
12. Ben Lee – Catch My Disease
13. Blue October – Into the Ocean
14. Bright Eyes – Devil Town
15. Lostprophets – Last Train Home
16. MGMT – Kids
17. Rose Elinor Dougall – Another Version Of Pop Song
18. Ben Folds Five – Army
19. Kill Paradise – Brake Your Bones
20. Black Kids – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You

Go show all these wonderful artists your love here and here now! And why don’t you come on down to the society and show off your mixtapin’ skillz, eh? But first you gotta…

(music elitists and douchenozzles need not apply, thank you)

3 comments for “TSURURADIO Vinyl Preservation Society Presents… Lanni’s Untitled Playlist Mixtape!!!

  1. Lanni
    November 7, 2008 at 2:09 PM

    Thanks Tsuru! Very cool to be featured here : )

  2. a.
    November 10, 2008 at 7:37 AM

    Yaaaaaaaay!! =)

  3. Tsuru
    November 11, 2008 at 9:12 AM


    fantastic mix Lanni!

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