TSURURADIO Vinyl Preservation Society Presents… Essentials by rabney Mixtape!!!

Photography by Tsuru

Okay, long overdue, as I actually listened-listened to this one last week in preparation of the polling that’s going on now in our super awesome Essentials Mixtape Challenge, where the winner gets a free Society Shirt, is Rabney’s mix of essential songs, songs you MUST hear before you die… Once again, one of our incredible members delivered an amazing mixtape.

Why the delay? Well, Rabney goes above and beyond building a tracklist of incredible songs, he goes beyond sorting in just the right order, he then melts the songs together, creating a story, taking you down a path. The kind of path where you love where you started, but you kinda forgot as the part of the path you are on now is so amazing, but then part of you can’t wait to see where it will go next. And yes, it’s one path, a continuous seam, starting off stark, before turning toward blues where, before you know it, you are walking through some motown classics, until you realize you are surrounded by steel drums and then suddenly Nina Simone is talking about a mosquito’s tweeter! All in one mp3. So, in order to give him the mixtape credit where the mixtape credit is due, I wanted to split it up and make each song an mp3, but without breaking the transitions. A lunch break and a little Audacity work later and blamo, here we are…

But what of the man behind the mixtape? Rabney is a story teller, that much is clear, definitely a romantic, but with shades of darkness & depth. He’s also got a keen sense of the true classics. There’s a level of literacy here, but note, there’s no new songs, but there are covers. Here’s a man who appreciates where things come from, but also knows that sometimes people can take those classics, remake them, and make them their own. I’d imagine he takes that philosophy beyond music, but to his own fashion & lifestyle. You can almost see Rabney at a cafe, a book in tow (probably a book ALWAYS in tow, one that he actually reads, not just one to pick up the ladies). I’d imagine he’s no stranger to a pair of vintage corduroys and a blazer or two. Probably a sweet hat and a scarf to boot. You may think that sounds pretentious, but that’s until you talk with the man, and realize he just has passions, he walks the walk, he’s not putting on a show….

I don’t know, that’s what’s in my head. But, I could be completely wrong.

Wouldn’t be the first time! Draw up your own imagery, but better yet, do yourself a favour and just download, enjoy the hell out of it, then get your ass down on in the society and start listening and sharing in all the good times. Until then, time to put up, shut up, and enjoy as the….

TSURURADIO Vinyl Preservation Society Presents… Essentials by rabney Mixtape!!!

(Full Zip)

01 The Broken Family Band – The Devil In The Details
02 Violent Femmes – Country Death Song
03 Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan
04 Led Zeppelin – I Can’t Quit You Baby
05 Rainer – Life Is Fine
06 Fink – All Cried Out
07 Afghan Whigs – If I Only Had A Heart
08 John Martyn – Solid Air
09 Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Babylon System
10 The Gaylettes – Groovin’
11 Derick Morgan – Housewife’s Choice
12 The Just Brothers – Carlena
13 Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind
14 Wilson Pickett – Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It
15 Al Green – Light My Fire
16 Ananda Shankar – Jumpin’ Jack Flash
17 Amaral’s Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Drum Orcherstra – The World Is a Ghetto
18 Nina Simone – Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter
19 20th Century Steel Band – Heaven And Hell

and for the purists…

The Original Essentials by rabney Mixtape in one mp3!!!

As always, go show all these artist your love here or here now! And while you’re clickin’ finger is a-doin’ it’s thang, why don’t you come on down to our little society and get your mixtape on!

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