TSURURADIO Presents… TSURUSENTIALS: A Technical Manual Into This Brain O’ Mine Mixtape!!!

Photography by Tsuru

Okay, so… down in the society we got ourselves another contest going on (our last one is about over, and I hope to be sharing the results with you soon). Concept’s pretty simple, spawned from member chionodoxa’s mix for his niece, the idea is to make a mixtape of essential songs, songs you think everyone should hear. Then, after November 8th (our deadline), we’ll have a poll for everyone who submitted, whoever gets the most votes wins a super sexy society shirt! WOOT!

Well, it turns out, pulling together songs this monumental in nature is no easy task for a bunch of music geeks & freeks. We’ve got about 4 submits, a few more coming, but everyone (myself included) was surprised how difficult it was. I mean, do you use new songs? Do you avoid songs that are “common”? Is Weezer’s “Sweater Song” reeeeally an essential song, a song EVERYONE should here? To the last question, I say yes, but that’s just me. It’s a matter of weight, or gavitas, if you will, that gets put on a single song when putting together a mixtape of this nature. I mean, does everyone need to hear “Freebird” again? Well, yeah, they do, but do I want that on MY mixtape? Stars are super important to me, but does everyone need to hear any of their songs?

See? Not so easy, eh?

Now, I’m not eligible, as the shirt comes out of my own pocket and I can’t be like, “hooray, I can buy myself another society shirt!”, but I still wanted to give it a go…. I started simple enough, the first Weezer song that grabbed my balls and never let go was the aforementioned (still not sure if I use that word correctly, oh well) “Undone The Sweater Song”, and then I simply let the mixtape carry me forward song after song…

The results? Well, as far as the concept is concerned, I failed… miserably. BUT, as a mixtape, a mixtape of essential songs to understand my musical mind, key songs that were integral parts to my growth, I feel it’s pretty complete and I’m satisfied (could I have included this song or that? sure, but I had to edit somewhere, otherwise, I’d never finish!). It clocks in at a whopping 3 hours, with breaks at the hour marks to help make it a little more CD burning-friendly. At first it was just one ridiculously large mp3, so I broke it up into nine parts, again, just to help make it a wee-bit more user-friendly….

It’s weird, I actually feel a bit vulnerable putting this out here like this, but I can trust ya, right? You won’t use what you can learn about me against me… will you? ha! Anyway, time to shut up and let the music take over as…

TSURURADIO Presents… TSURUSENTIALS: A Technical Manual Into This Brain O’ Mine Mixtape!!!
(Full Zip)

1.1 Featuring Weezer, Neutral Milk Hotel, Andrew Bird & The Beatles
1.2 Featuring REM, Rufus Wainwright, Sunset Rubdown, The Shins, & The Little Ones
1.3 Featuring The Decemberists & Interlude No. 1
2.1 Featuring Yes, yep just Yes
2.2 Featuring Otis Redding, Peter Gabriel, Violent Femmes, Camper Van Beethoven, Live, & Frank Black
2.3 Featuring Coldplay, Pearl Jam, Cracker, & Interlude No. 2
3.1 Featuring Islands, Self, & Stars
3.2 Featuring Destroyer, Jonathan Richman, The Anniversary, Matthew Sweet, Feist, & Beirut
3.3 Featuring Wolf Parade, The New Pornographers, & Neko Case

Got an Essentials Mixtape of your own to share? Get it up in the society by November 8th to be eligible to win a sweet ass shirt!!! But first, you got to…


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