Take away the words for everything

Photography by Nova Pavel

Everyone have a nice night last night?

I sure did, after a wonderful 30 mile-ish night ride (and when I say “night ride” I mean, NIGHT. Me, my buddy, two little bike headlights, and a bike path that you can see about 5 feet in front of you in the pitch darkness. Nothing like taking a surprise hairpin turn at 20 mph!) that involved a naaasty hill climb (horribly awesome), came home, munched on a sandwich, and settled in to watch my number one news source, Colbert/Daily Show tell me that Obama’s our next president. Pretty fucking cool. Time to dump the establishment (I’m rather anti-establishment) and give the new guy with some fresh ideas, an outsider of sorts, a try! Looking forward to seeing what happens in the next few years… My hope? I’m probably in the minority (wouldn’t be the first time) but I hope we get ourselves a sort of Canadian-esque US and you know, I also hope we start moving away from this nationalistic attitude and start thinking a bit more globally, the world’s only getting smaller people and we all need to be taking better care of each other…. guess we’ll see!

But you know, like I said yesterday, it’s done (finally). Let’s get this site back to focusing on one of the few things I’m good at focusing on, eh? Liiiiike… Music. I’m actually worried about the future state of good music. One thing that always gets people making good music is anger & frustration, being pissed off at what’s going on in the world. Remember what came out of the first Bush’s presidency back in the 90’s? some of the best years in music like 94 and 96. One thing we all have to admit, this Bush was reeeeally REEEALLY good at creating that. The result was some amazing music being released in the past few years as the resentment grew and grew, maybe some of the best music ever. But now…. now, with Obama, our dear artists will feel content, happy, in love….. so what of their music? Will they all quit and go get government jobs? Or will they start writing happy love songs about bunnies and tickling noses? Well, I guess there’s always drugs. With music, you can ALWAYS count on drugs to fuck ’em up real good.

Fortunately, there will be a delayed effect before we see the fruits of the Obama-giddiness (hell, we still got a couple months left of Bush, right?), and man, we gots a good one today, the Winterpills latest gem Central Chambers. Such a good album, similar to last time, lovely male/female vocals balancing along lovely classic soft pop/rock melodies a bit Fleetwood Macish. This is one of those easy albums, something to slide into like a cozy blanket and think warm fuzzy thoughts. Not a huge progression of sound, but you know? I’m okay with that. Good times….

Enjoy it (while you can)!

Winterpills – 01 Everything
Winterpills – 02 Take Away The Words

Take away the words
for everything
Take away the words…

Winterpills – 03 Beesting
Winterpills – 04 Burning Hearts

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