Members-Only Vinyl Rip #11!!!

Photography “The Way The Good Lard Intended…” by Tsuru

Hope you had a good weekend…. busy one here! But, just had enough time to squeek out our latest Members-Only vinyl rip! Whee!!! Normally, I don’t give any details out, but meh, what the fuck, eh? It’s the latest release from Tapes N’ Tapes Walk It Off on 45rpm 2xLP!!! Fun album made only better on vinyl (of course)!

You know what, here, check out side A…

Side A

1 Le Ruse
2 Time Of Songs
3 Hang Them All

Good times…. Want the rest? Well head on down to the Society, our little Music Brigade, of sorts, and get the other 3 sides! But seriously, don’t just take, participate! But first, you need to…


Lot’s more to come! See ya this week…

Peace, love, & LPs,


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