Don’t tell me I’m the one who let you fall behind…

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Happy Friday, my friends!

Let’s take a tiny break from the Essentials Mixtapes presentations (while I cut up rabney’s) to talk about a little something relatively new & shiny. Crooked Fingers and their latest effort Forfeit / Fortune. I came across this one while digging around for a Neko Case duet for our anniversary mixtape and after falling for “Your Control”, I loaded up the album in ye ol’ iPod player (actually, that’s not true, I recently got a little promotion at work and was rewarded with an upgrade from my 8gb nano that had seen better days to a 120gb classic….. fucking hot, eh?) and gave this a go.

I was pretty surprised, it’s a very interesting album Eric Bachman compiled, it has a sort of mixtape feel to it, doing a little reading up on Crooked Fingers, as I’m completely ignorant to this side project, seems I may be in the minority for liking this one, apparently this is Bachman’s more “mainstream sounding” vehicle of artistic expression or something. Well, whatever, I prefer to listen to albums in the vacuum of that album’s release, trying not to let previous releases or whatever be part of the judging, that each album stands on it’s own merits.

In this case, whatever your preconceived notions of Bachman, Archers Of Loaf, and this side project are, as it’s own piece, it’s pretty fucking sweet… Bachman delicately flows from one song to the next, from genre to genre, effortlessly, taking advantage of the multitude of vocals at his disposal, to create a mixed-up pop gem that’s held together by maintaining a certain aesthetic that is Bachman’s own throughout the entire album… Very fun!

Here’s the first few songs to give you a taste, enjoy!

Crooked Fingers – 01 What Never Comes

what came before
becomes another thing
don’t turn your back on me
cause I believe in these
these days so long
we sleep to kill the time
don’t tell me I’m the one who let you fall behind…

Crooked Fingers – 02 Luisa’s Bones
Crooked Fingers – 03 Phony Revolutions
Crooked Fingers – 04 Give And Be Taken

Go show Crooked Fingers all your love here, here, and here now!

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