What did I see way out in the sea?

Photography by Brooklyn Shell

No doubt about it, this is Nick Thorburn’s year. First, you got Arm’s Way by his main gig Islands, a sprawling masterpiece, then we got the AM pop (with the occasional Islands feel) on his project with Jim Guthrie, Human Highway and their delightful album Moody Motorcycle. Next up is Reefer madness! Thorburn hooks up with some LA hip-hop producer named “Daddy Kev” and together they make an island-flavoured (island, not Islands, though his obsession with a stack of dirt surrounded by water is concerning sometimes) mix of songs & interludes built around Nick’s melodies (and distinct voice) and “Daddy Kev’s” beats. The results are fantastic! Pretty chill (makes me long for a little vacation get away wicked hardcore) and always a bit sinister, but really, I wouldn’t want Nick any other way….

Enjoy the first few tracks, play them without gaps!!!

Reefer – 01 The Simplest Way
Reefer – 02 May Baleen

What did I see way out in the sea?
Maybe a little too close
swimming next to me
May Baleen…

Reefer – 03 Body Heat
Reefer – 04 Let It Go
Reefer – 05 Five Hundred an Ounce

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