TSURURADIO Presents… Remain In Light on Vinyl!!!

Photography by Mikaela

More Talking Heads? Yep… This one comes by way of request of one of our fantastic Society members after they were trying to figure out which albums were in our Society banner. We actually had a couple request come out of that thread, but the others can only be members only. They are just too new to put here without raising some record label ire.

I started working on a few others and hope to get them up real soon. One was rather frustrating, the album is three sides long, and it was on the second to last song on the third side that we came across a glitch, a little indention, in the record. Every rotation you here a chik-chik-chik that lasts from the end of that song to the beginning of the last song. Wow, that was frustrating. I’ve come across, in my time here on Tsururadio, a quite a few glitches, fuck ups, etc, in the newer records I purchase. From hard S’s due to shitty masters, to hic-cups in the record, to just plain crappy pressings, it can be very frustrating and then when I put on a record that’s 28 years old (older than most of you, probably), that was found in some record shop in Canada for a few loonies, that has been handled god knows how many times by how many different hands, and it sounds better & performs better than a record that was pressed a few short months ago. You just shake your head. What the fuck, right? Crazy… I know there’s not a lot of pressers out there, but I’m just surprised that so many of the shitty ones seemed to have make it through the 90s. Damn shame…

Well, fortunately whoever pressed Remain In Light knew what they were doing. The album is & sounds amazing, even with it’s age, it still sounds as fresh & inventive as it must have sounded when people dropped that needle down on it twenty eight years ago. This pressing is from Sire Records up in Canada, so I like to imagine some teenager up in Ontario back in 1980, excitedly rushing home to play their new Talking Heads record that finally was placed on the record store shelf. I wonder what they thought as “Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)” began and song after song, the album unfurled it’s polyrhthyms and African & Latino influences into their room, their ears, and their mind. This is one of those albums everyone needs to own and absorb as they really pushed their sound, well, not just their sound, pushed the sound of “pop music” to a whole new dimension…. and that’s saying alot.

As always, the vinyl is presented as I heard it. You hear what I hear, unprocessed & raw, the snaps, the crackles, AND the pops… After all, that’s what we do here, share an experience, share our emotional connections, something most people who call themselves “audiophiles” seem to forget, which is ironic considering that “-phile” means to love something and in their effort to only hear the “perfect sound”, scoffing at mp3’s under some arbitrary bitrate, and sanitizing the music listening experience, they often leave their hearts in the recycle bin, and completely miss the point of what we do here.

Well, to each their own, right? To those of you who understand what we do here, those of you who get it, who want to hear Remain In Light exactly as I heard it this morning, well you are in the right place because…

TSURURADIO Presents… Remain In Light on Vinyl!!!
(Full Zip)

Side 1

1. Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
2. Crosseyed And Painless
3. The Great Curve

Side 2

1. Once In A Lifetime
2. Houses In Motion
3. Seen And Not Seen
4. Listening Wind
5. The Overload

SO Much more vinyl (and non-vinyl) down in our little music brigade!!! What are YOU waiting for?
But please, don’t just take… participate!

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