Take off your sunglasses

Photography by Maria

Ezra Furman does it again! Last year, he & his Harpoons kicked my ass with Banging Down The Doors, just flying at you with his Gordon Gano & Bob Dylan love child voice and a working man’s near-punk rock sound & attitude. Well, he’s at it again, this time with Inside The Human Body. The sound hasn’t expanded that much, and that’s a good thing! He just comes right at you with a sense of urgency, blistering through the tracks, only occasionally slowing down (see “Weak Knees”).

Whether he’s singing from his heart or singing about doing other people’s dishes, there’s an integrity to his approach and delivery. You can see him, hairnet on, gloves up to his elbows, scrubbing the latest stack of plates in some kitchen, making chicken-scratch for a living, and dealing with it. I don’t know, it just resonates…. maybe because I’ve been there, most of us have.


Ezra Furman And The Harpoons – 01 We Should Fight
Ezra Furman And The Harpoons – 02 Take Off Your Sunglasses

And she said,
Take off your sunglasses!
I don’t want to take off my sunglasses
Take off you sunglasses!
I said,
Oh baby the sun is bright I need my sunglasses…

Ezra Furman And The Harpoons – 03 The Stakes Are High
Ezra Furman And The Harpoons – 04 The Dishwasher

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