T S U R U C A S T No. 4 …my name is weezer!!!

Photography by Unknown from DelawareOnline

Okay, one of our readers asked for a couple songs from the Weezer mixtape we posted last year, this a little over a week ago, always happy to accommodate, it took me 11 days and a 20 mile bike ride listening to Weezer to remember to dig them out! So, last night, I pull out my Weezer mp3 disc and first uploaded the songs for him, but then realized that that sweet mixtape is gone… GONE! That sucks. Oh well… no matter since Weezer had a new album and that Alone thing out since we released it anyway, and now we’ve got these sweet new podcasts featured, it was time for a new Weezer mix!


So… last time, my goal was to make a best of according to me thing… this time, we dropped that idea and went with with what is probably the best AND the worse, but with only two goals set…

1. Use songs as evenly as possible from all albums and quasi-releases
2. Make it as fun as possible.

The result is T S U R U C A S T No. 4 … my name is weezer!!! Yeah, yeah, the transitions maybe could just a tiny bit more tinkering and maybe a song could be a bit louder, but you know what, I’ve been having too much fun bobbing my head like an idiot and playing air guitar at my desk while test driving this thing that I asked myself (as I tend to do) “why fuck with it, eh?” Know what I mean jelly bean?

So, I hope you enjoy as much as I am, looking forward to a long bike ride with this (it runs one & a half hours long) soon! Have a wonderful weekend, eveyone, and if the good lard’s a-willin’ and if the creeks don’t rise, we’ll get a vinyl rip or two up! But for now, let’s get our =w= on as…


T S U R U C A S T No. 4 …my name is weezer!!!

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1 comment for “T S U R U C A S T No. 4 …my name is weezer!!!

  1. Anonymous
    November 1, 2008 at 4:00 PM

    haunting opener! why do I suck so much that I don’t recognize it (though the thumb screws force me to guess camera obscura)?

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