T S U R U C A S T No. 3: Campy subtitle goes here!

Photography by Tsuru

Okay, time for another podcast… I’m heading out of town for the weekend, going to Mesa, Arizona (should be fun and filled with tons of photo opportunities but no vinyl rips, obviously) and I wanted to get a third podcast ready for the long flights and (hopefully) for your enjoyment! Unfortunately, the talented and beautiful TsuruBride won’t be able to join me, she’s going to be a busy beaver these next couple of weeks getting ready for her first big show in November, the Tiny Canary indie design market!

Awesome, eh? Check it out, you can even see her featured on their vendor page! How cool is that? Man, she’s so amazing… So, if you are in Columbus, Ohio that weekend, make an effort to go stop by and say “hi!” to my baby (and buying something wouldn’t hurt either…) there will be a great group of very talented designers there and they all deserve your love via your moneys… ;)

Anyway, as you can imagine, it’s with mixed emotions I’ll be heading to the greater southwest desert tomorrow morning. Happy to see my family, sad to leave my sugar-smacks behind. Sigh. Well, one thing I’ll be stocked up on for the flights (and rental car, of course) will be music. I’ve got some new albums to check out, some member mixtapes to go through (some will get posted here, of course, but why wait for me?) and now I’ve got a third Tsurucast to listen to! WOOT!

Okay, this one features some of my absolute favourite songs ever, but I also tried a few new things out, a little surprise here, a little twist there, just to accent the mood, or keep you on your toes… This is actually the second version of this podcast. Version one was test driven all of yesterday, including on my ride home (a beautiful evening, cool, crisp, and cloudy, I was FLYING down the road on my bike!). During the ride, I had a little idea that I wanted to experiment with… I spent the remainder of the ride pushing my legs as hard as I could to get home as quick as I could to load up the audio mixer and try it out! I think it came out pretty good for a first go at this kind of tinkering, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Worse case, I can always post version one for you. I’m sweet & tender like that.

Okay, much love & smooches, have a fantastic weekend, I’m flying back on all day Monday, so you may not hear from me until Tuesday (well, unless you are a member of the society, I’m sure I’ll be spending some down time there). Until then, get ready to enjoy about an hour and twenty-five minutes of podcasts goodness as…


T S U R U C A S T No. 3

Featuring The Decemberists, Weezer, Reefer, Islands, British Sea Power, New Pornographers, Brand New, Noah & The Whale, The Little Ones, and even a Radiohead song (oh, and much, much more)!!!

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