T S U R U C A S T No. 2

Photography by Tsuru

A new podcast already? Hell yeah! Why not, right?

I actually started this one yesterday when I got home from work. Though the bike ride home helped to clear the mind a bit, I was (and still am) fried. A long, long week at work and today’s podcast reflects that frustration and exhaustion. Today, while making it through the last day before the weekend, I test drove the mix, it became my therapy, my oasis until finally the weekend began. The tone is more subtle, with the occasional rousing moment or two, to move you forward, just another step, another step, and another step.

Some minor tweaking and we were good to go… No point in waiting, you know? Let’s get this weekend started off right, let the week warsh away, and let’s make the most of the 2/7ths that we spend 5/7ths of our life waiting to occur. What do you say, eh?

That’s it! Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend everyone as…


T S U R U C A S T No. 2

Featuring Camera Obscura, Beulah, Arcade Fire, Feist, Johnny & The Moon, The Features, Aaron Thomas, The Pipettes, John Vanderslice, Old 97’s, The Pica Beats, Bill Callahan, The Decemberist, REM, and many more!!

So much more, mixtapes, vinyl rips, and all kinds of good times down in the Society! JOIN NOW, SILLYPANTS!

But first, go show all these artist all your love here or here now!

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