No, I don’t try to understand what I do to get by

Photography by the brilliant DonaRita

Did you guys enjoy the our little “T S U R U C A S T” (our very first podcast… tender!) from Wednesday. Came out pretty good, eh? I updated the post below with the tracklisting and I’m already working on the next one! Seriously, I’m obsessed with this little program… It’s what I’ve always wanted to do with my mixtapes.

Oh, and this is exciting, good news for all you iTunes users and abusers, Tsururadio (your favourite art & audiophile site) is now available to subscribe to on iTunes. Pretty cool! To visit and subscribe to be constantly updated with all our musical goings-ons, just click right….



Okay, let’s talk about our latest little obsession, shall we? Pepi Ginsberg (isn’t that one of the best first names ever? Pepi!) and her sweet little gem, Red. Was completely unaware of this one until Society VP Fulltext steered me right. Red is an unusual & beautiful album. Pepi’s got a quirky little voice carries us along, while the music, working off a sweet pop structure, seems to walk the fine line between whimsical and morose, giving the whole thing a timeless feel.

Maybe it’s because I’m completely fried at work but that it’s also this close to the weekend that Red is resonating perfectly between my ears. Well, regardless, it’s a wonderful way to close out the week… Enjoy!

Pepi Ginsberg – 01 Son

Last night,
I had to make it with a man
I had to make it with a man
just to get me high
I don’t try to understand
No, I don’t try to understand
What I do to get by…

Pepi Ginsberg – 02 The Waterline
Pepi Ginsberg – 03 The Contortionist
Pepi Ginsberg – 04 In My Bones

Oh…. keep an eye out this weekend! Hope to get some pretty special vinyl up (though it may be members-only, but no problem, right? just go join, for goodness sake) and I should be able to get our 2nd podcast up (guess I should make a button soon). So, even more good times a-comin’, WOOT!!!

Until then, have a great Friday/weekend/whatever and go show Ms. Ginsberg all your love here, here, and here now!

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