Members Only Vinyl Rip #10 Version 2.0!!!

Photography “The Way The Good Lard Intended…” by Tsuru

Howdy, howdy, happy Saturday to ya! Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend, it’s so beautiful outside, so this will be quick… Since getting the new record player, I’ve been wanting to re-rip & re-present this amazing album on vinyl. Though, it’s still a bit noisy for a 2008 record (the same is true of another amazing album on this label, I’m starting to wonder what they are giving the pressers as the master?), it sounds INFINITELY better on the ol’ Pioneer.

But, this one’s for members only, sorry… it’s just too new to put up here in it’s full glory. But no worries, no problems, come on down the Society, our little Music Brigade, if you will (we even have a chat thingy set up!), and check it out for yourself. My #1 rule? Don’t just take, fucking participate! But first, you need to…


Here’s a little reminder of what #10 was (in case you forgot or just plain missed it)… It’s the fan-made video of one of the songs (my favourite song) done pretty well, if I say so myself.

See you in there!


Peace, love, and LPs,


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