I knew I would follow forever…

Photography “Follow Me Down” by DalaiHarma

So, we were talking about indie-prog (©2007 tsururadio.com), how it’s poking it’s goofy head in modern music here and there, which you and I have talked about extensively with a good number of the albums we have covered. Well, one of our beloved members, kliked, had apparently been holding back on me a smidge when he unloaded that, “the new Apollo Sunshine record (which is fucking awesome) has a track called “Happiness” which is the best King Crimson song since “Lark’s tongue in Aspic”. Everyone is letting their inner prog nerd out.”

I have never heard of Apollo Sunshine, so that needed to be rectified ASAP, because when a member says an album is good, well… I gots to hear it. And if I already heard it and dismissed it, I’ll probably need to go hear it again to see what I’m missing. Add to that a prog reference, well, a request, grab, and upload later and Apollo Sunshine jumped to the top of the queue!

Oh man, I’m quite glad it did…. The album is indeed “fucking awesome”. Now, overall, the album is not very proggy, in fact, it’s a genre-hopper, from sunny pop (like our “Breeze” & “Singing To The Earth” 1, 2 opener) to some psychedelic-ish rock & blues that follows it for the next couple of songs, before we drop into our King Crimson prog for the instrumental “Happiness”. We ain’t done yet, as “We Are Born When We Die” sounds like a spin-off of “The Knife” by Grizzly Bear, then the sex-funk kicks in for “The Funky Chaberlain”…..

You gettin’ the idea? I find that people tend to love or hate genre-hoppers, or just classify them as novelties, I fall in the “love” category (well, I am a romantic at heart, eh?), and Apollo Sunshine is no different. They handle each style expertly, giving the album a mixtape-type feel, yet retains it’s cohesion. A tough balancing act, for sure. Good times for the weirdos out there (I seeeee yooooou)…

So, here’s the first few tracks up to “Happiness”, should give you a pretty good sense of the band, but you need to give the whole thing a run to really hear the spectrum. Thanks kliked! Good call… Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy the rest of their catalogue.


Apollo Sunshine – 01 Breeze

Apollo Sunshine – 02 Singing To The Earth (To Thank Her For You)

From the moment I first saw you walk away
I knew I would follow forever…

Apollo Sunshine – 03 666 The Coming Of The New World Government
Apollo Sunshine – 04 Shall Noise Upon
Apollo Sunshine – 05 Brotherhood Of Death
Apollo Sunshine – 06 Happiness

Go show these guys all your love here, here, and here now!!

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