Here I am again, singing the same ol’ tunes…

Photography by Sabina

You know your nerves are fried from work when, after an absolutely wonderful weekend, relaxing and fun, personally productive, including a little photo shoot, a huge 70 mile ride to the middle of nowhere (also called Olive Green, OH apparently) that included my friend & I getting lost (which is part of the fun of cycling), and a perfectly divine little date night with baby last night, that as you walk into work, you feel a giant weight suddenly sit on your stomach and your back, every little thing crawls up your spine, flicking the back of your head…. Yeah, I need a vacation. Oh well, none coming up except a day here and a day there. Nothing until November probably.

Time to sit up and toughen up, eh? Just get it done and let the music wash away the rest of those worries away, until we go home and take advantage of those precious few hours we have each night… Fortunately, I loaded up Apple Tree by Katie Herzig this morning. Her quirky sometimes kinda folky-pop, not too heavy, beautifully escapist, filled up my brain, blocking out the negative thoughts (in with the good, out with the bad, repeat ad nauseum). I think her voice is possibly the only thing keeping me sane this morning. So, take a sip of that giant paper cup of coffee, hope it’s still warm, close your eyes and take a deep breath, and let’s get this day, this week, hell, this morning knocked out, m’kay? M’kay….


Katie Herzig – 01 Songbird

Here I am again
singing the same ol’ tunes
holding everything
as close as I can to you…

Katie Herzig – 02 I Want to Belong to You
Katie Herzig – 03 Hologram
Katie Herzig – 04 How the West Was Won

Go show Ms. Herzig all your love here, here, and here now!!

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