Cranberry wine dripping down her spine

Photography by felicia

Alright, this one won’t win me any popularity awards (or cool points probably). Begushkin’s latest effort, King’s Curse (already sounds proggy, doesn’t it) is not for everyone. You may think I’m completely insane (you wouldn’t be the first) but I think it’s got this less frenetic Random Spirit Lover meets classic rock with a distinct 70’s prog aesthetic that pops up every now and then.


Yeah, something like that. Apparently is was recorded in two days straight to tape after a long period of sleep deprivation, figures something kinda proggy would come out of something like that. Regardless, the results are pretty amazing, creating a very cohesive & dark romp that gives you little surprises to it’s depth with each additional listen…. As an added bonus, after a while, you’ll start to see fair maidens in the corner of your eyes as you walk around and you’ll find yourself wanting to eat a giant turkey leg & joust someone.

Maybe I’ll just go play some of the Joust I know I won’t get hurt on.

Anyway, perfect for this rainy, cloudy day that actually had our first snow! And it’s still October? Sweet….


Begushkin – 01 Convict’s Lament
Begushkin – 02 King’s Curse
Begushkin – 03 Murderer

Cranberry wine
dripping down her spine
with a mouth like a jackal

from her cage came a rattle
like a cobra from the briar…

Begushkin – 04 Redhood

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