TSURURADIO Presents… Return To The Sea on Double White Vinyl!!!

Photography by Valeria

Man, I love my new record player… As much as I loved listening to and recording/sharing vinyl before, that love has been multiplied infinitely with the upgrade to this old ’77 Pioneer. I waited until the upgrade was complete before I opened up today’s special vinyl share. Found this up in Montreal and immediately grabbed it. One, because I love this album and two, being we were hanging out in la French Canada, I found it a rather (I love this word) apropos to make this one of my souvenirs (certainly beats a Quebec t-shirt in the style of a vintage Adidas shirt, which I also bought, ha).

So, imagine my kaloo-kalay when, once very satisfied with the settings and our first rip, I opened up this record to find the previously unbeknownst (is that a word?) to me 3rd reason for snatching this up…. this was the double white vinyl release of the record!!! Apparently a limited thing, though I haven’t really dug around to find out for sure (ignorance is bliss, you know, and I’d like to think I have something a little extra special-special).

How sweet is that? Yeah I know, pretty fucking sweet…

Looking around the internets, I know this album is probably better regarded compared to their brilliant-brilliant follow-up Arm’s Way (can you tell which I like better?). It’s a fantastic album that dips from genre to genre, from long lead-off track epics, to infectious pop gems (pun slightly intended), to rap & hip-hop.

To me, it’s a band in transition, still a bit of the beloved Unicorns but also showing a bit of this whole “Islands thing”, which would rear it’s glorious head in all it’s bounty this year. As a transition album, it’s absolutely amazing! The obvious stand-outs “Swans” and “Rough Gem” sound even more amazing on vinyl. Also, being on double vinyl, we get three side flips that really break up the controlled “chaos”, giving each side it’s own identity and feel.

Overall, I’m really happy with this rip… my only call-outs are that the S’s are bit hard on “Swans”, but when I compared it to the CD, they were there too. The vinyl really brought that out (not a good thing, but quickly forgotten & easily ignored). Also, during the thunderstorm after “Ones”, the record wasn’t “pressed” or something, no grooves no nothing for about 2 or 3mm, so I had to do a lift and drop to get to the hidden track of “Bucky Little Wing”. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but can’t be good for the stylus, right? Oh well, the complaints are minor, I hope they don’t take away from this release or this rip.

I was hoping to continue to grow my Islands vinyl collection with the new release, but it appears, as of this moment, there is no vinyl date anymore for Arm’s Way. I hope I’m wrong, I hope someone can get this pressed and out there soon. It’s a huge album, probably 3xLP, oh man….


*edit – nevermind! I found it here! WOOT!

Oh well, there’s a ton other records out there waiting for my love and devotion, but for now and until then, it’s Islands’ turn as…

TSURURADIO Proudly Presents… Return To The Sea on Double White Vinyl!!!
(Full Zip)

Photography by Tsuru

Side A

1 Swans (Life After Death)
2 Humans

Side B

1 Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby
2 Rough Gem
3 Tsuxiit (related to “Tsuru”? I like to think so…)

Side C

1 Where There’s A Will There’s A Whalebone
2 Jogging Gorgeous Summer
3 Volcanoes

Side D

1 If
2 Ones
3 Untitled (the rain)
4 Bucky Little Wing (Hidden Track)

Go show Islands ALL your love here, here, and support their vinyl here or here now!

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