Too many people sucking all the water…

Photography by Zhang Jingna

When I moved up to Columbus, Ohio four & a half years ago, I thought I’d put 31 years of hurricanes behind me. Apparently, I was wrong. Yesterday, Ike’s amputated body parts, like an Evil Dead zombie, made it’s way through the Midwest. Now, high winds for your boy Tsuru, no big deal… but apparently, places like Columbus are not used to sustained 70 mph winds over longs periods of time as trees broke, crumbled, debris flew everywhere, and power went out, and now I just read that, unfortunately some people died.

We lost power early on when a branch fell on top of my car knocking the power lines down. Then the top half of a tree also fell on the remaining lines, and on the first fallen line, and the first fallen branch, and also on my car. So yeah, should be an interesting couple of days, to say the least, as we clear the branches, move the car (it’s a piece o’ junk beater for the occasional use and maybe hauling something for the house, so dents & scratches, I really don’t care), get the power company to hook us back up, and then worry about cable/internet.

Beyond that, no damage, so relatively speaking, we are fine. But, not sure what it’ll mean for posting, busy week plus dealing with tree services, power & cable companies, etc may mean some sporatic love sharing… But you don’t need me when you got the amazing folks down in the society sharing more than enough good times to go around!

Speaking of wind… it’s hard not to love the breezy vocals of Jenny Lewis (fucked up segue, eh?). Her latest release, Acid Tongue, drifts easily from light rock, honky-tonk, acoustic, pop, and blues, giving it a solid light classic rock sound, held together tightly by her sweet vocals. As the sun peaks out, it’s a lovely remedy for pulling me out of a rather annoyed and grumpy mood.

Jenny Lewis – 01 Black Sand
Jenny Lewis – 02 Pretty Bird
Jenny Lewis – 03 The Next Messiah

Livin’ in the meadow
the mighty mighty meadow
with too many people

sucking all the water…

Go show Ms. Lewis all your love here, here, and here now!

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