She took my heart, I think she took my soul…

Photography by Valeria

Looks like the week is stacking up to be a busy one, so if I’m going to do some sharing, I best get to it! Over the weekend there were two “big” leaks, Kings Of Leon & TV On The Radio. Now, as you know, I don’t besmirch that which doesn’t click, to each his/her own, and for some reason or another, TV On The Radio has never clicked with me. From what I’m hearing though, Dear Science is being very warmly rec’d, so if you haven’t given it a go, then show some love, hop to it.

For me though, I was very pleasantly surprised by the Kings Of Leon, I liked their earlier work, but that last album, Because Of The Times, literally just annoyed me. Expectations were a bit low, but I always do my best to listen to each album in the vacuum of it’s own existence, to not let the past or anything prejudice my emotions, to just listen and let it click or not.

Well, obviously, this one clicked. Right off the bat, the opener sets the mood, slow, dark, and rather sexual, a nice combo, I might add… Things pick up a bit and we get to a-rockin’, but in a restrained slower groove, creating tension, like they want to let loose, but doing so would spoil it, so they hold back, anxious. Really well done. The album continues this slow-groove, staying very cohesive, yet not samey, always a difficult balance.

Good times, and rather fitting for a cloudy rainy morning…. Enjoy!

Kings of Leon – 01 Closer

She took my heart
I think she took my soul…

Kings of Leon – 02 Crawl
Kings of Leon – 03 Sex On Fire

Go show KoL all your lovins here, here, and here now!!

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