Lay me back down in the bed with a whole lotta people

Photography by Scott James Prebble

To be honest… I’ve been super excited to share this with you since Friday. I had a really hard time finding a photo to accentuate this album. When I listen, it evokes so many different emotions, happiness, introspection, protest, darkness, memory, elation, and light.

Okay, that wasn’t meant to come out like some poem, but seriously, this is one of those albums where you really can’t describe it properly using genre’s or comparing to other albums. There’s experimenting, influences, harmonies, melodies, confusion, and a second side suite of songs that run into one another seamlessly and perfectly, all adding up to beauty!

Oops… there I go again. Okay, off with the beret and soul patch, eh? It will remain to be seen the kind of longevity this album will hold on me, but indicators have placed a big giant asterisk on this album when thinking about the year’s best. Yeah, seriously. Incredible. Unreal.


Portugal The Man – 01 Lay Me Back Down

I remember every word and every sound
I remember things not many things
I remember when the ships hit the sea
I remember when my name was a pay for me
ba bada ba bada ba bada bada
Lay me back down
in the bed with a whole lotta people
Listen to the word
lay me back down…

Portugal The Man – 02 Colors
Portugal The Man – 03 And I

And a bonus couplet from the second side suite…

Portugal The Man – 11 Hard Times
Portugal The Man – 12 Our Times

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