I’m sticking with you, ’cause I’m made out of glue

Photography by Valeria

Kaloo-Kalay! Some new Decemberists for today!

Yep, the new Decemberists series of singles called Always The Bridesmaid has leaked. Now, I believe these were going to be available on vinyl only, so I guess some lucky engineer decided to share them with the world or something. Regardless, you know I’m buying the records when they come out, but for now, I’m just happy to have the songs to listen to! They come off as fun, elegent, graceful, yet familiar b-side Decemberist tunes (did you expect something different?), which are always fun to listen to and add to the collection.

On the negative side…. they cause a pining, a yearning, a wanton desire for the follow-up to the future classic, The Crane Wife. Bring it, Colin, baby! Until then, we have to settle for the bridesmaid, not that there is anything wrong with the bridesmaid, she’s very pretty, isn’t she? In that lime green dress the bride made her wear, holding that vaseline grin while she dutifully dances with the best man…. it’s just one song, it’s just one song.

Go save her, my friend, as soon as you hear the music start to fade, make your way, ready to cut in, to save her from the goon with a hard-on holding her a little too close for her comfort…. And she’ll be yours.


Oh yeah…. Enjoy!

The Decemberists – 01 Valerie Plame
The Decemberists – 02 Days Of Elaine
The Decemberists – 03 O New England
The Decemberists – 04 I’m Sticking With You

I’m sticking with you
’cause I’m made out of glue…

The Decemberists – 05 Record Year
The Decemberists – 06 Raincoat Song

Go show the D’s all your love, and then some, here, here, here, and ESPECIALLY here now!!!

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