I’ll never let you walk away…

Photography by Anonymous

Busy busy! Quick one today, my friends… All work and no play make Tsuru sumtin’ sumtin’.

The Aliens are back! Following up last year’s obsession, Astronomy, with Luna, an intense & lovely, sprawling & spanse (that’s a word, right?) psychedelic prog trip-hop epic! Say WHAAA? That’s right! No other way to explain it. As cool as the Beta Band was, this incarnation is so much more “me”, you know? Kinda like how Islands is better than Unicorns in my wackadoodle mind. But that’s music for ya, right? There is no “good” or “bad”, it’s just the emotional connections we make… Well, except the Back Street Boys, N’Sync, New Kids, ad nauseum, they’re just bad. Ah…. but then again, who wouldn’t cream their shorts if Arcade Fire covered “Hangin’ Tough”?


Where was I? No clue… but enjoy some Aliens!

The Aliens – 01 Bobby’s Song

I’ll never let you walk away
I’m going to write you a song today…

The Aliens – 02 Amen
The Aliens – 03 Theramin
The Aliens – 04 Everyone

Go show the Aliens all your love here, here, & here now!

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