Gold is another word for culture

Photography by Zannoni Lepetit

Slammed day… Oy! So, real quick….

As I said yesterday, not a TV On The Radio fan. Don’t know why… wish I did like ’em, I’d feel less like the weird kid in the playground, the one with lice that no one wants to play with, but whattayagonnado? But, like I also said yesterday, I don’t besmirch that which doesn’t click with me, my momma taught me right! Well… if you remember our mixtape conversation on Monday when we shared a member mixtape, well, we started a new mixtape project down in the society. Sweet little idea, hardly original, but certainly fun. Ever play your ipod songs in alphabetical order? Ever notice how sometimes it makes a pretty sweet mix? Well, our new project is creating society mixtape of 26 songs, from A to Z, posting them in order! WOOP, fun music geekery! What’s this have to do with TV On The Radio? Well, I just posted the “C” song, the one song I really like from the band, it’s off their new album, and now I can share it with you….. “Crying”! Nice, eh?

TV On The Radio – Crying

is another word
for culture…

Fucking sweet song, eh? Sounds like he set his Casio key-tar to mandolin…. ha! Almost went with “Culling Of The Fold” by the Decemberists. Hmm… Well, we need a bunch more songs to finish the mix and we’d love to have you down there if you think you have the perfect “Q” song or something!

Now, let’s see, what good songs start with “K”………..

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