Are you out there, really out there, all by yourself, alone?

Photography by Scott James Prebble

Don’t you just love short weeks? I find the 4 days work to 3 days off is a pretty sweet ratio. Plenty of time to get shit done, plenty of time to relax. I’d gladly put in longer work days if it meant more 3 day weekends! Oh well.

Regardless, it’s Friday, a really-wants-to-rain Friday, I’m at work wrapping up the week, and I’ve got a plethora of music to choose from that I’ve been obsessing over, most of which made an appearance in Wednesday’s mixtape, which I hope you are enjoying…. One band in particular made a play for my devotion and attention with a Neko power-play and got it, Giant Sand and their latest proVISIONS.

Chalked full of special guest, such as Neko, M. Ward, and Isobell Campbell, and borrowing a bit of swagger from Johnny Cash, Gelb lays it on thick, resulting in delicious serving of corn-meal covered southern-fried charm, groove, & melodies (and a side of black-eyed peas?). Speaking of…. I could really go for some soul food. Mmm.. with some corn bread, not the home-made kind, the Jiffy box kind my mom used to make, fucking heaven.

Oh man, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, Giant Sand…. Enjoy!

Giant Sand – 01 Stranded Pearl
Giant Sand – 02 Without A Word
Giant Sand – 03 Can Do
Giant Sand – 04 Out There

Are you out there?
Really out there?
All by yourself

Giant Sand – 05 The Desperate Kingdom Of Love
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1 comment for “Are you out there, really out there, all by yourself, alone?

  1. Jesse
    September 25, 2008 at 2:01 PM

    I had never heard of this band before. That guy’s got sweet pipes. Thanks for the discovery. Keep up the great posts!

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