And I am the tension, you are the tight-rope

Photography by Sabina

This one comes by way of strong recommendation from good friend & member Lysol, The Pica Beats, hailing from his home hometown of Seattle, and their latest Beating Back The Claws Of The Cold found their way to my ears and have stayed in heavy rotation since… Infectious simple & timeless pop with a heaping helping of curry due to Barrett’s perfect use of the sitar, not “hey, we have a sitar, let’s drop some acid and do a 20 minute sitar solo” but more like the sitar is just one of the instruments, you know?

Last time I heard them was last year’s All Mysteries Solve Themselves, which I first heard when I took it with me on my trip to India in February. Bad internet connections & m4a files prevented me from sharing, but not this time! Oh no, though, it did take a little effort to get the m4a’s over to a more, uh, palatable format.

Man, this new album conjures up some amazing memories, visions, and colours. The world becomes yellow-tinted and I’m sitting in a cafe eating the most amazing food in the world. The sights of beauty & poverty, sounds of chatter and traffic, and smells of curry & garbage overwhelm my senses.


My sense of taste was ruined in India, you know. When I came back, everything tasted like nothing, like cardboard, like ash. It took some weeks before the taste buds calmed down, but even now, I can’t pass up an Indian dish. Korma, Masala, Jafrezi, I don’t care… Just take me back, even if it’s just a watered down substitute, to the flavour, to the memory of India.

So goes The Pica Beats, an American / Indian dish of perfect pop.

The Pica Beats – 01 Poor Old Ra

And I am the tension
you are the tight-rope…

The Pica Beats – 02 Martine, As Heavy Lifter*
The Pica Beats – 03 Summer Cutting Kale*
The Pica Beats – 04 Shrinking Violets*
The Pica Beats – 05 Beta.Space.Hit*

*sorry, links taken down by request of Hardly Art

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