TSURURADIO Presents… Little Creatures on Vinyl!!!

Photography by Karina Nurunnisa

Don’t you just love three-day weekends? Did a really nice 40 mile ride yesterday, a loner (with my new USF jersey… ahhhh yeah, boy-e! (that’s my college, but more importantly, it matches my bike, haha!)), and found myself over the 500 mile mark for August. Not bad, eh? That’s with the break last weekend when we went to Montreal and there’s still today to go (baby & I should be hitting the bike path a little later, assuming she as time… she’s rather busy making product for her two upcoming shows (I’m SO proud of you baby!)…

If the good lards a-willin’, September should feature the Tsururadio Tsycling Tsentury™ and some pretty fun/intense/awesome/miserable rides with some good friends (as well as the commuting), so let’s see if we can beat August. WOOT! Oh…. it’s on.

But that is neither here, but it is there. As for “here”, we gots a very special treat, indeed. I’ve always liked Talking Heads, ever since hearing “Burning Down The House” on the radio (and immediately buying the 45rpm single, yeah…. I’m old). Their genre-shifting eccentricities appealed to my very core (I’m an odd boy). No, they never quite hit “favourite band” status (those damn Violent Femmes swooped in, and with their genre-shifting eccentricities that often focused on sex & religion, I was eternally smitten), but they did hold a special place in my kooky little heart.

One of my favourite songs has been “Road To Nowhere”, from it’s choir intro, to it’s doo do-do-doo do-do-doo do-do-doo bass line, to the fantastic video (holy crap, check out the guy in the yellow shorts & beard at the very beginning singing in the choir…. an indie-hipster! Looks straight out of an American Apparel catalogue! ha!), it’s just perfect. The first time I had heard the song, I was knee deep in the Femmes The Blind Leading The Naked (yeah, I know, I was late to Little Creatures, story of my life, eh?) but immediately snatched up the album and played the shit out of it (well, played the shit out of “Road To Nowhere”, the rest of the album got some great air time too, but I has ta be honest wif ya!)

So, as always, it was with MUCH joy while galavanting through Montreal that I found Little Creatures for a two twonies and a loonie and swooped it up! Listening this weekend, I realized how much I under-appreciated the rest of the album (though I’m still goo-goo for the finale), but I’ll chalk it up to youthful ignorance. It’s stripped down (well, as stripped down as Talking Heads could be, I s’pose) Talking Heads. It’s a bit more pop on the surface, but tune your ears a bit, and you’ll hear the layers, the world that Byrne brings to everything he does. Fantastic.

I think I need to keep my eyes out for some more Talking Heads next time I’m out and about. Honestly, I don’t see how my collection will ever be complete without them. But that’s not here…. that’s there (full circle, eh?). Let’s hit the good times, shall we, as…

TSURURADIO Presents… Little Creatures on Vinyl!!!
(Full Zip)


1 And She Was
2 Give Me Back My Name
3 Creatures Of Love
4 The Lady Don’t Mind
5 Perfect World


1 Stay Up Late
2 Walk It Down
3 Television Man
4 Road To Nowhere

SO Much more vinyl (and non-vinyl) down in our little music brigade!!! What are YOU waiting for?
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