Tsuru Bike Pr0n…

Photography by Tsuru

We got new bikes…. real road bikes. It was time. After many miles, two 100kms, many long weekend rides, and the always exciting 20 – 25 miles in the mornings, a heavy single speed just wasn’t right anymore. My goal… a century, then after that, I’m hoping to do a trip down to Cincinnati or up to Lake Erie (and back, about 100+ miles each way).

So…. Here’s my new ride, my bike porn (or “pr0n” as the kids say), a gorgeously olive green “dirty martini” Kona Kapu. Light, aluminum with a carbon fork, fast, fun, and sexy, sexy (in a dirty, dirty way)… Thought I’d share. If you see a rather ghetto looking guy cruisin’ and/or strainin’ in Columbus, OH… you know, give me a holler!



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