Try to touch the mornin’ star…

Photography by Katja

Real excited to share this one…. What can only be described as Beach Boys meet Lounge Chill, yeah, seriously. Glorious summer harmonies, over steady beats and melodies that feel like I’m hanging out on the Standard’s roof top bar in LA (actually, it reminds me of the swanky roof top bar while I was in India, but LA may be easier to visualize for some) and just a little bit of Flight Of The Conchords doing “Ladies Of The World” (you see, it’s the rhythm of the movement of the feel of the wheel of the rhythm of the feeling). Doesn’t sound like it’s my speed does it (well, except that last bit)? But man, it connected. It’s a bit otherworldly, and keeps transporting me far, far away.


Koushik – 01 Morning Comes
Koushik – 02 Be With
Koushik – 03 Lying In The Sun
Koushik – 04 Coolin’

Try to touch the mornin’ star…
Try to touch the mornin’ star…

Koushik – 05 Buttaflybeat

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