They said you stole the show

Photography by Lara Jade

Man, what a good weekend… It this weekend was a meal, it would’ve been a full seven courses (is that how many courses a full meal is?)!! Lot’s o’ tenderness with my baby, did a 75 mile ride through northwest of Columbus with my two great friends (seriously, we were 20+ mph for a lot longer amount of time then my legs care to think about, insane), did a photoshoot which came out great, if I say so myself, and got us a sweet vinyl rip up! Yep, all my favourite things in one little package.

And the good times just keep on coming! Tomorrow night? Handsome Furs (with the Witchies) at Skullys! Then…… and I’m so excited….. Thursday we are heading up to Montreal for a MUCH needed vacation (no, not from you, just from work, you know?)…

WHEE!!! I’ve always wanted to go, baby’s been there a few times, but not for years. You know we’ll be renting some bicycles, hitting some record stores, eating baguettes (or French-Canadian versions of baguettes), poutine, cafe au lait, and generally embarrassing ourselves and our native countries/nations (that was for you Quebec).

So, I can’t promise any posts until we get back on the 26th, but you never know. I’m sure I’ll share some photos with you. But anyways, that’s not for a couple days (no tears yet!), let’s focus on the present and this beautiful album I’m listening to right now, Loudon Wainwright III’s Recovery.

A decidedly different pace than yesterday’s vinyl rip of Fugazi, Rufus & Martha’s papa-bear’s Recovery is a beautiful balance of folk, country, roots rock, and New Orleans seasonings… Apparently these are re-recordings of his earlier work (sorry, I’m woefully unknowledgable in the Loudon discography, but that’s why the good lard invented the internet, eh?), I have no idea how different they sound, but it’s obvious these songs are timeless, classic, and wonderfully autobiographical. It’s hard not to feel every word, like an invitation into his mind and life.

Pretty amazing….. enjoy!

Loundon Wainwright III – Black Uncle Remus
Loundon Wainwright III – Saw Your Name In The Paper

I saw your name in the paper
it was quite a blow
your mother must be happy
they said you stole the show
you always did have talent
you always did work hard
I’d always knew you would prefer
a place in the front yard…

Loundon Wainwright III – School Days
Loundon Wainwright III – The Drinking Song

Go show LWIII all your love here, here, and here now!

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