Only fabric hangs between my room and the sun

Photography by LuumTuum

This is just getting more and more fun.

Lots going on, my friends…. and it just keeps growing. Today’s little obsession is a band that I posted on before, meaning tsururadio is getting old enough to see how bands are progressing from release to release via our own little write-ups, which also made me think about how much the whole TsuruNation et al has grown since we first jabbered on about this hidden little gem of a band from Alberta, Oh Canada in May of last year and their gorgeous Songbook.

My dearest (and Canadian as well) lovely’s artin’ & craftin’ just keeps growin’ and growin’, she just got accepted to Crafternoon on High on Sept 20th, an alternative art & crafts show set up to help fight cancer.

She’ll be doing this show with one of her cohorts from the Etsy Team Columbus. I’m just waiting on her to get big enough that I can quit this job and just be her trophy husband / blogging & cycling fool. Baby? How’s that coming along? If you are in the area, come check it out, some pretty talented people are going to be there!

Then there’s my little baby, a seed that’s been growing in my brain and is nearly ready to start to truly bloom…. Yep, I’m talking about the Tsururadio Tsycling Tsentury™!!! Yeah, I edited the name a bit, I like the extra “T”, because now I can call it Now we can call it “Triple T”, “T3”, “T-Cubed” or “T³”, as in the following scene I just wrote:

Cyclist #1: “Hey man, you doing T³ this year?”
Cyclist #2: “Fuck yeah, man… it’s gonna tsuper awesome! Oh and I can’t wait to tsmack on tsome bread at the farmers market!”
C1: “Dude, did you just add a T to ‘super’, ‘smack’, and ‘some’?”
C2: “Dude…. just getting in the tspirit of things, you know?”
C2: “Ha! Dude!”
C1: “I know, right!”

– fin –

Thank you, thank you….. now, in all honesty, the first T3 (see how easy that is?) will probably just be a couple good friends and myself. But, why not go bigger next time, right? Maybe get a sponsor, like Stephen Colbert and get Doritos, or better yet, Starbucks (I think they need the publicity, with sales dropping a bit and I can always use a free pound or two of Sumatra), finish off with a little party involving Starbuck’s deliscious new Vivanno (it’s got a whole freakin’ banana in it!) and playing some records and eatin’ BBQ… Sounds disgustingly divine, doesn’t it? Well, come on down to the society, we are just now starting to chat about it. Here’s the rough map (really rough), just a map of 50 miles to Granville:

Should be a hoot!

Well…. just like the tsurunation has evolved, so has our good friends at Woodpigeon (oh man, if I don’t get an award for THAT segue…. peabody, here I come!). Now, you’ll still hear words like “orchestral pop” and “sufjan”, just like I did last year, when describing this lovely band, and they’d be (and I was) right, there’s still that going on… but this time, it’s more, uh… well, MORE. I don’t know how to explain it, its just better. It’s like watching the work of a painter as he hones his skills over the years, mastering each stroke, getting smarter with colors and canvases, capturing the angles, the feeling & moods, just a little bit better and a little bit better with each piece.

Listening now and it’s hard not to smile as I watch the world go about in it’s own stupid pace, like you’ve got the secret to happiness filling up your ears. That’s a pretty sweet feeling.

Woodpigeon – 01 Knock Knock
Woodpigeon – 02 Piano Pieces for Adult Beginners
Woodpigeon – 03 In the Battle of Sun vs Curtains, Sun Loses and We Sleep Until Noon

And only fabric hangs between my room and the sun
I don’t want to have to question why…

Woodpigeon – 04 I Live a Lot of Places
Woodpigeon – 05 Cities of Weather

Man, I rambled on today, didn’t I…. sorry about that, just exciting stuff & I’m a hyper monkey. Don’t let that slow your love for Woodpigeon though, go here, here, and especially here (it’s PAY WHAT YOU WANT for christ’s sake) now and bring it like the good lard would wantcha too!

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