But no one does it like you…

Photography by folk is dead

Happy Friday, happy Labour Day weekend! Yay! With our vacation, this makes three short work weeks in a row…. SWEEEEEEET. Well, with all the recent vinyl acquisitions, it’s time I get my ass in gear (read: squatting at my home computer) and record us some snap, crackle, pop-enhanced tunes. Until then…

We have today’s obsession, the first album to break me from the Social Distortion strangle-hold of the past few days, Department Of Eagles In Ear Park! To be honest, I’m not really sure how to describe this one. It’s got the personal touch & intimacy of folk, but musically it’s more atmospheric. Each song sets a scene in your mind, a feeling, and emotion, and builds off of it with layers of sounds, sweet vocals, melodies, harmonies, and general beauty.

Quite lovely…. And a perfect way to wrap up this week.


Department Of Eagles – 01 In Ear Park
Department Of Eagles – 02 No One Does It Like You

No one does it like you,
No one does it like you,
I tried so hard
But no one does it like you…

Department Of Eagles – 03 Phantom Other
Department Of Eagles – 04 Teenagers

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