Well I’d write it all down for you

Photography by Dona Rita

Well… first things first. Happy fucking Friday! Couldn’t get here soon enough, eh? Got a special one for you today, Mountain Meadows by Elliot Brood. Had a tough time figuring out how to describe this one. Alt-country? No way… Folk Rock? Maybe a little. I kinda came up with Canadian Roots Rock, but that just sounds like I’m pimping out the Canuck component (which I am).

I sought some help via goole, one review called it “death country”, I have no idea what that is, but it sounds like Florida Death Metal combine with Garth Brooks, and well, that’s just wrong. I like this one, Urban Hillbilly. That’s just funny. What the hell is it? Not sure, but the vision of some scruffy dude in overalls with a wheat thingy hanging out of his mouth, removing it occasionally to spit some chew into a spitoon, all the while over-looking SoHo from his New York flat…. funny shit, man.

Well, by now you are at least getting a picture in your ear, right? it’s rootsy, dark, and beautiful. Each song captures a mood gloriously, pulling you into different times, while still sounding new and even catchy! And, for me, there’s the finale “Miss You Now”, a two-chord building grandiose finale reminiscent of my beloved Decemberists’ “Sons & Daughters”. Pretty much sealed it with a big fat kiss for me.

Grab, enjoy, and then go show this guy a bit of your love below! Talk to you later (with a bit a vinyl, I’m sure)…

Elliott Brood – 01 Fingers and Tongues
Elliott Brood – 02 T-Bill
Elliott Brood – 03 Write It All Down For You

Hey hey hey!
Hey hey hey!
Hey hey hey!
Hey hey hey!

Well I’d write it all down for you…

Elliott Brood – 04 Without Again
Elliott Brood – 05 Garden River
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Go show Mr. Brood all your love here, here, and here (because life’s too short for shitty records) now!

2 comments for “Well I’d write it all down for you

  1. Morning Fog
    November 30, 2008 at 8:51 PM

    IIRC they actually call themselves ‘death country’.

  2. Tsuru
    December 2, 2008 at 4:18 PM

    What’s IIRC?

    And, I definitely prefer Urban Hillbilly to something as silly as death country. But hey, “death country” practically guarantees they’ll be big in Europe, eh?

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