Vinyl Week Concludes with a very special Members Only Vinyl Rip #10!!!

Photography “The Way The Good Lard Intended…” by Tsuru

Well, this about wraps up vinyl week… I hope you enjoyed all the vinyl goodness and good times shared. Picked up a few more records this weekend, so don’t worry, plenty more to come. But for now, to bid this week adieu, I figured we share something very, very special & new, just got this record in the mail the other day. Can’t say (considering it’s one of the best albums of 2008) I’m THAT impressed with the quality of vinyl. Ripped it 2 different ways and it’s still a noisy bastard. Ah, well, maybe one of you can do a better rip and share it with our ragamuffin vinyl society…. In the mean time, go on in and grab this beauty and all the other gems posted (vinyl and regular good ol’ digital), but, like I said, it’s for members only so…

(But like I always say, don’t just take, participate!)

Tell you what, I’ll give you a hint for Members-only #10… Check out the fan-made video below.


Peace, love, and LPs,


P.S. Lots of new music coming your way this week (of course), see ya then!

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