My feet weren’t made for the sea, they were made for runnin’ free…

Photography by Rachel

Sorry no vinyl this weekend, just never found the hours to do a proper vinyl rip. Don’t worry, I plan on making it up to you soon. I got a members-only rip I’m aching to do ASAP, something quite special that truly belongs on vinyl. Hope you like it (hope it comes out nice)…

I did get some good riding in this weekend (though, that doesn’t really help you, does it?), did a 40 mile ride up and down the length of High Street, basically followed the upcoming Awesomefest route. Averaged 18.25 mph after getting back and doing some calculations. Really happy with that for an old 20+ pound converted single speed bicycle… Yeah, Good ride.

Funny thing… I didn’t realize there was a slight south wind, giving me a little push going south, which is the first 1/4th of the route I took, which I knock out in no time. I thought to myself, “Hell yeah, motherfuckers! I’m kicking ass! I’m king of the world!! Today’s going to be a snap!”, so I turn around and start the north 2/4ths of the trek, to the top of Columbus, and then it hits me, not a big wind or anything, just enough to give you a little push in the wrong direction, just to remind you who’s the boss, that life’s never a bowl of seedless grapes.

The next 20+ hilly urban miles in a slight head wind were tough. But, once I got to the top of Columbus, and turned around for the last 1/4th, outside completely SHITTY ROADS and playing cat and mouse with a city bus (he stopped to pick people up, I pass him, he then passes me, but stops again and I pass him…. got rather annoying pretty quickly), I cruised back, or more aptly, flew back! Sweet.

From there, it was over to Grandview/Junctionview where the Awesomefest starts and ends, then headed home.

All-in-all, GOOD ride.

By the way, not that they are necessarily reading this, but Camelbak, your new water bottle society member Story hooked me up with, the Podium, the one that the ever caustic and sardonic Bike Snob teased the other day, was absolutely awesome! Want to pick up another one for the double bottle long rides…. Lift & sqeeze and cool Elixir enhanced water filled my mouth, giving me that little extra push, and the major refreshment. Hmm….. maybe I should be in talks with Camelbak to be a spokesperson? lol.

Oh, but speaking of Story, yet rather unrelated, she’s been obsessed over Port O’Brien’s All We Could Do Wash Sing. She has no idea why, which I can completely relate to… some albums/bands are like that. You listen and on the shell, yeah, it’s just a folk/indie rock thing, easy enough, whatever, right? But I don’t know if it’s the overreaching multi-vocal singing? The blend of catchy with quirky? Not sure, but it’s got a bit of a mystical quality about it that just kinda seeps in…

Enjoy, as so many down in the society have!

Port O’Brien – 01 I Woke Up Today
Port O’Brien – 02 Stuck on a Boat

I’m sick of the weather up here
it goes on and on my dear
and the fish aren’t coming still
they wait and wait until
we put our anchor down
we’re still a few hours in town
my feet weren’t made for the sea
they were made for runnin’ free…

Port O’Brien – 03 Fisherman’s Son
Port O’Brien – 04 Don’t Take My Advice

Go show Port O’Brien all your love here, here, and here now!

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