Maybe we’re not strangers after all…

Photography by by THEEOS300400D

This one pushes you back a few years, sounding out of a different era, largely acoustic instrumentation, male & female vocals vaguely similar to the Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan but quite different, implying some vintage 8mm home-made movie of them being silly in the park or something, guys running around in unruly facial hair, the ladies bra-less and wearing those long hippie skirts. Sunny, happy, but with it’s muted colors and the way it reminds you of different & better days, kinda melancholy. Perfect for the next indie-flick showing some over-the-top stereotyped version of teens experimenting and learning about love and life. Yeah, they are probably this close to being indie-flick darlings (if they aren’t all ready).

Now, that may sound like a slight, but it isn’t, it’s a compliment, those movies tend to pick up some sweet little tunes, and then, unfortunately, ruin them. But I digress-ish… this one’s pretty easy to like, simple 60’s-esque tunes, occasionally dark, always beautiful, in that non-cookie-cutter kinda way (you know the girls, the one who don’t look like they were built in a mold), it seems to fit today’s mood nicely, I’m tired, it’s overcast, I just want to hang out at home and do nothing, and maybe I can’t, but my ears, they can be taken away to where the rest of me can only pine for, and well……. I’m envious.


The Dutchess and the Duke – 01 Reservoir Park
The Dutchess and the Duke – 02 Out Of Time*
The Dutchess and the Duke – 03 Ship Made Of Stone*
The Dutchess and the Duke – 04 Strangers*
*mp3s removed on request

I dug a hole so deep and wide
I dug a dark hole in the night
while you were lying fast asleep with her
And if there ever was a crime
you’d be together one more time
before I put your face down in the dirt
but after my diggin’ was done
I realize just because you lose don’t mean that I won
and maybe we’re not strangers after all….

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