I’ve got my own uniform to wear

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Probably, in all honesty, should’ve discussed this yesterday, ’cause The Features latest self-released potential masterpiece Salvation has been blowing me away since last week. I think with going back to work, I had a lovely stinky brain fart and forgot about it yester-morn. After a weekend of obsessing over it, it wasn’t until late yesterday that I re-found it…

Some of you may remember The Features being featured on our wedding mixtape we gave out at the wedding and shared with you, our dear readers. Their touching gem “The Idea Of Growing Old” was a key track to the soundtrack of our relationship (yeah, sounds a bit cliche to write that sentence, but if the shoe fits, eh?). Not too mention, their last full length Exhibit A was some potent power pop with flavors of psychedelia that got lots of air-time during many commutes.

Well, as the story goes (and they have a good one to tell the grandkids, reminiscient of the famed Wilco drop and resigned story) they were dropped by Universal after their debut, apparently for not doing a cover of the Beatles “All You Need Is Love” for a Chase credit card commericial. In this age of selling out being justified in the name of god knows what (see Of Montreal selling their song for steaks at Outback) it was quite refreshing to see a band stand up on their principals, even to the point of losing “the big contract”.

Well, Universal’s lost (and yes, they did lose, no… maybe not lots of money in record sales, because really, The Features are not a multi-platinum band, in my humble, they lost something so much more… man, I’m full of cliches today, eh?) is our gain. Not worried about labels and shit, The Features kept on trucking to their own dummer (okay, now I’m just mixing cliches up for my own pleasure).

That’s an interesting enough story, whose ending has yet to be written and what not, but then another bug happens. Apparently someone over at Amazon is either half-asleep or a really big fan. Salvation is not due out until October, yet I bought it at Amazon last week. According to some sources, the band wanted to get the record (yay, vinyl!) out first, get that in people’s hands in all it’s 12″ glory, then release the mp3s. But, Amazon apparently felt this needed to be heard NOW and made it available for purchase! Oopsies…

Oh well… it’s amazing. I’m glad I have it now and will most likely get the vinyl too, cuz that’s how I am. They really evolved their sound, Exhibit A was really good, but this one is even better. They matured and expanded their power-pop/rock/psychedelia to be more theatrical, bombastic, and fun! Not much more I can say… My gut’s telling me this is going to end up high on the 08 list……. maybe yours too?


The Features – 01 Whatever Gets You By
The Features – 02 The Drawing Board
The Features – 03 Foundation’s Cracked
The Features – 04 Gmf
The Features – 05 The Temporary Blues

Traded in my tennis shoes
for steel toed rubber boots
I’ve got my own uniform to wear

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