I will not hold your hand and pretend I’m your lover

Photography by Amelia

How about The Features, eh? Good stuff…. Hope you’ve been enjoying it and flooding Amazon or whoever with some orders for mp3s, and getting ready to buy some vinyl! Well, as much as I could feature the Features (har! aren’t I a clever monkey) for the rest of the week, it’s time to move on because there’s a wealth of incredible music on my little player that’s aching to be heard! Like, for example, oddly enough, today’s post on the album Caught In The Trees by Damien Jurado. Dangling back & forth between understated-near-rock to dark-acoustic-tales, this one grabbed me quick and held on. So yeah, busy day, already worn out from the really good bike ride this morning, and reeeeally ready for the weekend (love vacations, but man they make it hard to get into da groove, eh?), so let’s get the good times up in our ears!


Damien Jurado – 01 Gillian was a Horse

It’s midnight
and I give up
tired of lying for you
I will not hold your hand and pretend I’m your lover…

Damien Jurado – 02 Trials*
Damien Jurado – 03 Caskets*

*sorry, Trials & Caskets removed on request…

Go show Jurado all your love here, here, and here now!

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