Holy, I’d like to be…

Photography by Leonardo

Getting a lot of great “hey man, you gotta hear this” albums lately from society members. And man, they ain’t kiddin’! Some mighty good stuff that I’m pretty excited to share with you. First up today is Love Is Laughter and their album Holy. Good friend and society member “pomalift”.

At first I got a distinct yet quirky Beatles vibe from them (ba ba ba-ba ba!), but that quickly warshed away. Really don’t know how to describe this one, tons of influences inflect bits and pieces here and there, ultimately landing on some classic blues rock with touches of Afro-Paul-Simon tossed in for good measure. Blah, blah, blah…. ultimately, it works. Check out the first few tracks, then go show the boys a little love. Thanks Poma, great recommendation!

Now, your turn… Enjoy!

Love as Laughter – 01 Holy

Holy, I’d like to be
when it’s my bedtime
will I see?

Love as Laughter – 02 Crosseyed Beautiful Youngunz
Love as Laughter – 03 Paul Revere
Love as Laughter – 04 Baby Shambles

Go show Love As Laughter all your love here, here, and here now!

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